Order and 1st Pick up Reminder, Earn Discounts, New Products

For those of you who placed an order for the 2nd pickup, this is a reminder that this is the week for pickup. If you need food from Harvest only for this pick up, please let us know by the end of the day Monday, December 9  for delivery on December 13/14.

Please have your orders in by December 13 for deliveries on November 27/28 and January 10/11

Earn Discounts!

If you recommend someone and they place an order you get 10% off your next order. These are not cumulative and only 10% will be applied on one order at a time. There have been some customers that have earned the discount 5 times! So, save some money and get the word out!!!! Because we all know raw feeding is the healthiest for our pets!


I will no longer accept changes to pick up locations or picking up after the delivery date, Colorado Springs only, after 9:00pm on Thursday, the day before delivery. Once I create my pull order report, it is extremely difficult to change it and makes more work for me. Thank-you!

New Products

Four Leaf Rover

Protect - 29.99

  • Helps remove pesticides and heavy metals from the body
  • Supports a healthy gut with hardy, soil-based probiotics
  • Helps eliminate candida and harmful yeast
  • Rich in antioxidants to support the immune system and decrease inflammation
  • Feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Helps protect the brain
Bears Bites - Single Ingredient Treats

Banana 3oz - 8.00
Beef Heart 5oz - 12.00
Beef Liver 5oz - 12.00
Pork 5oz - 12.00
Pumpkin 3pz - 8.00
Sweet Potato 3oz - 8.00


Please refer to the schedule for current and future pick up dates.

December 13 - Friday deliveries:

Two locations:

Cold Storage, 721 Nichols Blvd., Colorado Springs, 80907 between 1:30-3:00pm. Please park on the west side of the building - NOT in the front of the building as we block other deliveries.  Enter right there next to my truck and trailer to get your food.

My house, located close to Stetson Hills and Powers between 3:30-6:30pm

Please email me at Jody@rawdietforpets.com by Thursday before delivery with your choice of locations. If you choose my house, I will email you my address.

December 14 - Saturday deliveries:

Monument, Castle Rock, Parker, Denver

Please refer to the schedule below for current and future pick up and order dates.

Upcoming Orders and Pickup Dates


Order by December 13 for deliveries on December 27/28 and January 10/11

First Pick Up

Colorado Springs - 12/13

Monument/Castle Rock/Denver/120th - 12/14

Second Pick Up

Colorado Springs - 12/27

Monument/Castle Rock/Denver - 12/28


First Pick Up

Colorado Springs - 1/10

Monument/Castle Rock/Denver/ 120th - 1/11

Other Products Available

Several questions have been asked lately about what products we can get.  The list is extensive with our vendor relationships.  We include the list here for reference.  Most of these product lines won't be shown on our website, so if you have questions, please let us know.



Against The Grain

Animal Naturals

Answers Pet

Antler Source




Bellyrubs Organic


Bixbi Pet

Bocce's Bakery

Boxie Cat Litter



Under the Sun by Canidae

Canine Caviar


Chasing our Tails

Cloud Star

Colorado Hemp Honey

Complete Natural Nutrific

Daves Pet Food

Diggin your Dog

Dog for Dog

Earth Animal

Earth Rated



Feline Fresh




Get Serious

Grandma Lucy's

Breakaway by Pioneer

Pioneer Naturals

Himalayan Dog Chews


Honey I'm Home - Treats


Icelandic - Treats

Iceland Pure

Green Juju - Supplement

I'd Rather Be With My Dog

In Clover


JJ Fuds

K9 Granola

K9 Natural

Kaylor of Colorado

KLN - Nutri Source

KLN - Pure Vita

KLN - Natural Planet

KLN - Tuffy's

KLN - Kenny's Cany


Naturally Wild

Nature's Logic

Northwest Naturals


OC Raw

Open Farm

Party Animal



Pet Releaf - CBD



Plaque Off


Rad Cat Raw Diet

Rawz Natural Pet Food

RedPaw Dog Food

Revive your Lawn

Ruff Dawg

Raw Bistro Pet Fare

Safe Paw

Scratch and Peck

Shifting Gears

Small Batch Pet Food

Smart Cookie


Stella & Chewys

Steve's Real Food

Super Snouts - CBD


The Bear and the Rat

The Honest Kitchen

True Leaf

Tiki Cat

Tucker's Raw Basics


Vital Essentials Pet Food



Ziwi Peak



























There are no products listed under this category.